Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In Bandipura, a remote dusty village in Alwar, Rajasthan, lives a young girl called Bhuteri. She lives in a community where the girl child is often considered a liability to be dispensed with, hurriedly married off at a very young age.Belonging to a conservative and rather poor family, Bhuteri has 5 sisters and an elder brother. Her parents, father Kanhaiya Lal and mother Gulab, are illiterate and the father works as a mason. Bhuteri has a winning smile but it is her eyes that reveal a fierce determination – she has the distinction of being IIMPACT’s oldest student. It was Bhuteri who at a very young age took the initiative to enroll with IIMPACT where she was provided the opportunity to study. She was always a very earnest and bright student who tried never to miss a day of school, happily devoting 5 hours a day to her studies. She completed her class V at the IIMPACT’s learning centre in Bandipura where she developed a solid foundation and appetite for learning, and a drive to excel. She is currently class 11 in a local secondary girls' school and has ambitions of moving to a city college once she graduates. All credit must be given to Bhuteri for instilling in her parents and in her siblings the importance of education. Bhuteri has gradually taught both her illiterate parents to proudly write their names, recognize alphabets and identify numbers - something they had earlier never dreamt of. Bhuteri’s 2 elder sisters were never sent to school and were married off an early age in their teens. If had not been for the IIMPACT Learning Centre that opened in her village, that may have been Bhuteri’s story too. Instead, the same parents who did not believe in sending their daughters even to primary school, are now supporting her secondary schooling and are open to thinking about college. Bhuteri’s experiences have influenced the lives of her 2 younger sisters, who have followed her in to the IIMPACT program. She is also a role model for her brother’s daughters, who too have started their schooling, as well as for other girls in her community.Kanhaiya Lal and Gulab Devi are not the only ones filled with pride at Bhuteri’s achievements - the entire village community holds her up as a shining example to all their girls. Education is now viewed as an integral part of their lives. Everyone is confident that Bhuteri will do well in life as she charts her own path. IIMPACT will always remain a big part of her life.So not only did IIMPACT affect Bhuteri’s life, but it has changed her family’s and community’s thinking about issues such as girl child education and early marriage. Bhuteri has grown in to a smart confident young woman who is excited by learning and has dreams of going much further in life.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


IIMPACT, in collaboration with Agastya International Foundation has implemented its Model Science Lab project in Mehmoodabad, Lucknow courtesy ING VYSYA Foundation. Take a look at this exciting colourful van - the girls find it all so exciting.

Science education will now be imparted to our rural girls with the most attractive science teaching models fitted in this mobile van. This will encourage creativity amongst these young girls and will also help generate greater awareness about the importance of our environment.


On 3rd August, 2010, a small function was organised at Mehmoodabad, Lucknow to celebrate the academic performances of IIMPACT girls . This year marked the first time in this area, that our young girls - 163 in number- appeared for class V board exams.

All 163 of them scored a 1st division! We are all so proud of them!

The girls celebrated as well. They presented colourful performances as they san songs, recited poetry , acted and danced in front of our special guests. Mr Jayant Mehrotra - CFO ING Vysya Bank and Trustee ING Vysya Foundation, Ms Joyatri Ray- Director Projects along with a team of ING Vysya officials from the Lucknow branch were guests on this occasion. Mr Anil Tandon, Ms Manju Mithal and Ms Pramila Kishore, Nalanda and IIMPACT's operational team were also present on this day. 500 children were also seen in the audience.....