Saturday, October 2, 2010

Check out the new IIMPACT website!

Responding to popular demand, the site at has been revamped with many new features and services.

On the home page you will see a new layout and easy to use menu - simply click on the drop down menu to reveal items of interest. With short news reports and stories about IIMPACT girls highlighted, you will see this content changing more frequently.

You can click on information links in the 'Get Informed' menu group and 'Get Engaged' enables you to sign up for site updates, contact us or support us with a donation.

Now you can also connect IIMPACT more easily into your FaceBook, Twitter and other social networks, so your friends know what great work you are doing with IIMPACT!

Finally, you will soon see an online payment service that will enable you and your friends to make donations with a credit card - did you know that even small donations can change a girl's life and 100% of your donation goes towards her education?

Do email us or post to this blog with your suggestions for our - no, your website!